International Flavor & Fragrance

IFF/LMR Defining Naturals

Three decades of true fair trade

“For many consumers, the term ‘fair trade’ is not much more than a label on a product. For the IFF-LMR Naturals division, ethical labor practices have been at the very core of its business for decades.”


The brief

Design an innovative support to deliver the message about the virtues of IFF Natural products and positively translate brand value to perfumers.

Creative approach

Using unique documentary photographs to tell the story of each scent, we trace the origin of naturally extracted molecules from farmer to laboratory. Red Hill, with partner Edtions PASCO, has illustrated books for Rose, Jasmine, Narcissus, Blackcurrant and more.

What we learned

Understanding IFF business objectives helped us determine this page by page, almost cinematic approach. IFF wanted to show its unique value at every step in the perfume development process.