Taming acoustic environments

Engineering a sound solution

Industrial noise is only one of the problems that Diakustic is capable of resolving. Their clients (architects and builders) also face financial and regulatory challenges. Red Hill positioned their story.


The brief

Diakustic needed to revamp their web site and bring it up to date to remain competitve. They wanted to reinforce their image and professionalism and explain to clients the importance of hiring acoustic engineers.

Creative approach

We wanted to tell Diakustic’s story through their work, illustrating the projects that show off their creativity. Using a timeline approach to highlight different construction phases, Red Hill, together with MOKA consult, demonstrated the role acoustic engineers play in the environment both as planners and fixers.

What we learned

Here was our chance to share our expertise with the experts. The Diakustic team were lively, open-minded and respectful of the design and development process. Rebuilding their site gave them a chance to step back and examine thier business and we learned the value of silence.