Moka Consult

Orchestrated marketing strategies

An instrumental partnership for Red Hill

Marketing strategist Marielle Crozat was looking for a creative partner to re-invent her business and position MOKA for the next five years. She found us and we found more than a client.


The brief

MOKA wanted to re-organise their online content structure to better align it with a growing offer. Plus, they needed a team that could provide design and development skills to leverage new business opportunities. Upgrading their brand image was the challenge.

Creative approach

Red Hill was given free reign to match messaging with concept photography to deliver a simple and impactful site. We wanted to provide a unique user experience whereby visitors could find clear answers to nagging marketing questions. A simple browse through the issues pre-identified by MOKA provides the key.

What we learned

The hidden benefits of working well with others manifest themselves over time. MOKA has become a trusted partner, providing business insight, and suggestions for helping our clients. We appreciate the value of our collaboration more and more.