A view From the Hill
Creative strategy, brand identity and communication

Our clients hire us to design solutions that meet the needs of their business and their users. Our projects are structured to be collaborative, intense, and sensitive to their constraints.

Total Legal Factbook
Where on earth are the lawyers?

The legal department at TOTAL knows what we’re capable of and asked us to imagine a lively interactive tool to show off some otherwise banal statistical data.

The Sound of Silence
The visual language for acousticians

Industrial noise is only one of the problems that Diakustic is capable of resolving. Their clients (architects and builders) also face financial and regulatory challenges. Red Hill positioned their story.

Hands on marketing
MOKA has our ear on growth strategies

Marketing strategist Marielle Crozat was looking for a creative partner to re-invent her business and position MOKA for the next five years. She found us and we found more than a client.